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이타스코리아, 자동차 사이버보안 관련 포지션 인재 채용
작성자 관리자 등록일 2023-04-03 조회수 997


우리학회 법인회원사인 이타스코리아에서 자동차 사이버보안 관련 포지션 인재 채용을 아래와 같이 진행하오니 참고하시기 바랍니다.





Cybersecurity tester [지원링크클릭]

l  Work as a team member of a testing project

l  Perform Fuzzing testing and Penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in software

l  Create cybersecurity testing requirements

l  Provide first internal project reporting contact


Cybersecurity FAE (Field Application Engineer) [지원링크클릭]

l  Performing HSM firmware porting for customer devices

l  Porting CycurLIB (security library) for customers

l  Providing technical service for ETAS security software products (e.g. CycurIDS, CycurGATE)

l  Promoting ETAS security products to customers:


Cybersecurity Consultant [지원링크클릭]

l  Collaborate with an experienced consultant and work closely with customers (OEM/Tier) to establish CSMS and perform
   TARA according to ISO/SAE 21434.

l  Provide security governance consulting based on UNR 155 & ISO/SAE 21434.

l  Manage cybersecurity projects, including risk analysis and studies.

l  Work autonomously to support risk analyses and studies, which will be reviewed by an experienced consultant.

l  Achieve a proactive mindset and cooperation with project team members.


Cybersecurity Solution Sales Manager/Business Developer [지원링크클릭]

l  Drive and manage complex and strategic acquisition projects in the field of automotive Cybersecurity solutions

l  Act as technical sales expert and develop a deep understanding of the customers’ use cases and pain points to be accepted
   as a competent and respected partner

l  Deliver customer success through accelerated adoption and usage resulting in customer references that can be leveraged in 
   future sales engagements

l  Communicate confidently with all levels and stakeholders at the customer to articulate our value proposition and how ETAS
   can enable the customers’ use cases

l  Work with regional solution field managers, product management, account managers, and other stakeholders in defining,
   implementing, and executing go-to-market strategies for new solutions

l  Leverage core stakeholders (field application engineers, product management, system architects, engineering, marketing,
   partners) to succeed in acquisition projects and coordinate them as necessary



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현재 페이지 5/108

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