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12-14 2019 [춘계학술대회]

제목 DCT가 장착된 농업용 트랙터의 고장 진단 알고리즘 개발
분야 차량동역학
언어 Korean
저자 권대욱(한양대학교), 이형철(한양대학교), 신대건(한양대학교)
Key Words DCT(듀얼 클러치 트랜스미션), Tractor(트랙터), DTC(고장진단코드), Parity Space Approach(패리티 공간 기법), Fault Diagnosis(고장 진단)
초록 In recent years, for the convenience of the user, an automatic transmission is mounted on a vehicle as the transportation means. Nevertheless, there is a proclivity for a great number of vehicles to use DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) systems which have the characteristics and advantages of a manual transmission rather than an automatic transmission with low power transmission efficiency. By applying the advantages of manual transmission, DCT achieves higher fuel efficiency and faster shifting than the conventional automatic transmission which usually utilizes hydraulic control. Especially, in order to enable quick shift, DCT moves the gear of the non-drive shaft directly to the gear that user wants to reach. Additionally, we performed the fault diagnosis with measuring the hydraulic line pressure of tractor, hydraulic oil temperature, synchronizer position; with judging gear, an analysis on the state of clutch output is also performed by MATLAB / Simulink.
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