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18-21 2018 [추계학술대회]

제목 유동해석을 활용한 스풀밸브 형상 최적설계
분야 연료 및 윤활유/연비
언어 Korean
저자 안종선(인팩), 최수길(인팩)
Key Words CFD(전산유체역학), Spool valve(스풀밸브), Sleeve(스풀밸브 상대부), Turbulence(난류유동), ATM(대기압), Groove(홈)
초록 The spool valve is composed of a spool and a sleeve, and it is widely equipped with automobile injectors, an
operating lever of a tractor. However, the spool valve that performs linear reciprocating motion is problematic in fluid
locking. Several methods have been proposed to solve this problem, and the most representative method is a plurality of
grooves are processed in the spool land.
Currently, spool valves are widely used in various industrial fields, but theoretical studies of groove processing in spool
valve are inadequate, mostly dependent on the experience of the processor. In this thesis, through grasping the flow
characteristics along the groove shape of the spool valve, we were trying to select the optimum design specification. We
compared and verified by analysis using CFD program and actual test.
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