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1-5 2018 [추계학술대회]

제목 E-clutch system에서 변속 의지 판단 알고리즘에 대한 연구
분야 연료 및 윤활유/연비
언어 Korean
저자 이응수(평화발레오), 이승호(평화발레오), 성윤현(평화발레오)
Key Words E-clutch(이 클러치), Clutch by wire(클러치 바이 와이어), Semi-automatic clutch(반자동 클러치), Clutch(클러치), Shift Intent (변속 의지)
초록 The 2 pedal E-clutch system is based on a manual clutch system that eliminates the clutch pedal and automatically
engages and disengages the clutch upon gear change. The advantage of this system is that even the driver who is inexperienced
can easily shift gears only by operating the gear lever and automatically releases the clutch when the coasting conditions are
satisfied, thereby contributing to fuel efficiency improvement. In addition, without worrying about turning off the engine, the
system can smoothly start the vehicle without hitting the clutch pedal, even during hill climbing or traffic congestion. In this
study, we developed a software to shift intend algorithm based on the driver's gear lever motion in a 2-pedal E-clutch system and
verified in Demo-car.
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