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27권 10호 755-761 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 조타감 성능 목표 달성을 위한 모델 기반 MDPS 제어맵 최적화 설계
분야 차량동역학 및 제어
언어 Korean
저자 박영대(현대자동차), 이병림(현대자동차), 장세현(현대자동차), 조현석(현대자동차), 김민준(현대자동차), 황상우(현대자동차)
Key Words MDPS(모터 구동 파워 스티어링), Steering model(조향 모델), On center steering(중립 조향감), MDPS control logic(MDPS 제어 로직), Returnability(복원성)
초록 The development of the steering feel performance of a vehicle is primarily carried out by tuning the motor-driven power steering(MDPS). The motor-driven power steering provides a lot of parameters for developers in order to maximize the steering feel performance. However, it needs a lot of time and effort, so the development efficiency is not favorable. In order to improve the development efficiency, this paper proposes an optimal design method and process of MDPS logic as follows. First is the definition of quantitative targets for multiple tests that may indicate steering feel performance, second is the construction of the vehicle and control model for checking the steering feel performance, and third is the process proposal to optimize the MDPS logic parameters. This method and process is validated through the comparison of the simulation and test results.
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