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27권 10호 771-776 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 차량 구동계 시스템에서 원심 진자 DMF 성능 해석에 관한 연구
분야 변속기 및 동력전달장치
언어 Korean
저자 장용호(평화발레오), 수레스(평화발레오), 이성구(평화발레오)
Key Words Torsional vibration(비틀림 진동), Centrifugal pendulum(원심 진자), DMF(더블 매스 플라이휠)
초록 In a vehicle drive system, torsional vibration is caused by engine fluctuation torque transmitted to the rotor system. This torsional vibration causes NVH problems and affects the life of the vehicle. DMF system based on torsional stiffness and inertia provided an effective capacity of releasing irregular vibration rising from the engine and transmitting to the transmission. However, engine irregularities have become more serious as a result of downsizing and uptorquing. The DMF system based on stiffness and inertia has reached its limits. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to propose new systems. Centrifugal pendulum and its application in the automotive area is considered as a major breakthrough. They are capable of counteracting the applied torque fluctuations of a given frequency over a range of operating amplitude, which turns out to be an efficient tool for filtration. In this study, we have shown the behaviors of the DMF pendulum in front wheel driveline with a seven-speed dual wet-clutch transmission. We designed a driveline rotor model and analyzed the frequency vibration. The contribution analysis was performed on each design factor of DMF, pendulum, and driveline system. We also performed a vehicle test in order to validate the optimized DMF pendulum performance in the actual driving conditions of a vehicle.
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