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27권 10호 777-784 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 자동차 공조 시스템에서 중량 저감을 위하여 1.2t 두께를 갖는 AHU의 개발
분야 열유체 및 공조시스템(HVAC)
언어 Korean
저자 이대웅(한온시스템), 윤정훈(한온시스템)
Key Words Air handling unit(공기 분배장치), Dynamic stiffness(동 강성), Fuel economy(연비), Injection molding(사출 성형), Mold flow analysis(유동해석), Radiated sound(방사음), Stress(강도), Weight down(중량 저감)
초록 Recent trends in vehicle development have gradually been focused on fuel consumption and tailpipe emission. The greenhouse gas(GHG) regulations require a reduction in emission of roughly 30 % for the next 10 years. As a result, the automotive industry has a major challenge to enhance the fuel economy each year. In order to improve fuel economy, one of the solutions is to reduce the weight of the vehicle not only in the chassis parts, but also in the cabin components. Therefore, an attempt has been made to meet those requirements by developing an air handling unit(AHU) housing with a thickness of 1.2. For successful tooling, CAE analysis to implement an AHU housing with a thickness of 1.2 has been performed, taking into account both dynamic stiffness and injection mold flow analysis. Meanwhile, AHU housing mold for mass production was developed as optimized, taking into account the gate number, filling time, injection pressure and temperature, clamping force, volumetric shrinkage and deformation, and the mass product of AHU. Subsequently, the product made from mold met the engineering specification and design criteria through a radiated sound experiment. In this study, an AHU with a thickness of 1.2 was successfully developed by optimizing the mold structure and injection molding conditions, and attained the same dynamic stiffness and radiation sound as the current AHU housing with a thickness of 1.7 while reducing the weight by approximately 20 %.
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