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27권 10호 785-794 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 유도성 부하의 과도 전압이 파워트레인 전장품에 미치는 영향 분석
분야 전기ㆍ전자ㆍ통신
언어 Korean
저자 최준혁(성균관대학교), 홍형순(성균관대학교), 한준희(성균관대학교), 박기훈(성균관대학교), 남중철(현대자동차), 도종구(현대자동차), 나완수(성균관대학교)
Key Words Transient voltage(과도 전압), DC motor(직류 모터), Immunity test(내성 테스트), ISO 7637-2(규격서), Transient injection(과도 주입), ECU(전자 제어 유닛)
초록 In this paper, the measurement system, procedure, and analysis method for the transient voltage in an aged inductive load were introduced. First, the on/off switching, overloaded condition, and deteriorated condition were simulated for the analysis of the transient voltage on the DC power line in the virtual operation of a vehicle. In particular, the surge voltages that came from the fuel pump and wiper motor were classified as failed among the 13 targets of emission test results. In order to verify the effectiveness of the transient voltage on the CKPS and CMPS of ECU essential signal when the automobile was operated, the measurement system is created and the results are shown. Based on the results, the ECU level fluctuated over the criteria caused by the transient voltage from the repetitive operation of the fuel pump. In addition, to simulate the surge that originated from the fuel pump in the actual operation of the vehicle, the waveform defined by Ford Motor Co. was used and a similar transient voltage to that of the fuel pump was injected. It is verified that the ignition and injector signals have been affected.
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