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27권 10호 803-809 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 튜닝용 자운스 범퍼 개발 및 차량 동역학 모델을 활용한 승차감 성능 검증
분야 차량동역학 및 제어
언어 Korean
저자 이철형(아주대학교), 한명재(아주대학교), 박태원(아주대학교), 이석진(동양이화), 박정식(동양이화)
Key Words Jounce bumper(자운스 범퍼), Support bumper(보조 범퍼), Ride comfort(승차감), Root mean square(제곱 평균), Power spectral density(파워 스펙트럼 밀도)
초록 In this study, a tuning jounce bumper with increased energy absorption was developed. The tuning jounce bumper is constructed by adding a support bumper to the jounce bumper. The support bumper helps in absorbing the impact energy in the initial, mid-term, and over-compression sections. Compression structure analysis was used in order to predict the LD performance of the support bumper. The conventional single jounce bumper and the developed tuning jounce bumper were applied to the vehicle dynamics model for the verification of ride comfort performance. Based on the international standard test ISO, it can be determined that the ride comfort has improved at various speeds(20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 km/h). Therefore, the tuning jounce bumper not only increased the energy absorption, as compared to the single jounce bumper, but it also enhanced ride comfort for impact at various speeds.
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