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27권 10호 819-826 2019 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 상전압 측정 이득 감쇠 및 지연 보상을 통한 변속기용 전동식 오일펌프의 센서리스 저속 구동 성능 개선
분야 전기ㆍ전자ㆍ통신
언어 Korean
저자 최진철(명화공업), 이우택(창원대학교)
Key Words Sensorless(센서리스), Electric motor(전동기), Electric oil pump(전동식 오일펌프), Transmission(변속기), Low pass filter(저역 통과 필터)
초록 This paper proposes a compensation method for the gain attenuation and phase delay in phase voltage measurements of sensorless drives for a permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM). There is a voltage distortion between the reference and actual voltage due to non-ideal switching characteristics. Measured phase voltages are used as inputs of the position estimator instead of the reference voltages in order to reduce the position estimation errors that have increased at a lower speed. In order to remove the high frequency switching components of a pulse width modulation inverter, a low pass filter(LPF) with a proper cut-off frequency is indispensable; however, the LPF causes gain attenuation and phase delay. The compensation method of the attenuation and delay is implemented by simple arithmetic operations based on the orthogonal property of the measured voltages in a two-axis stationary reference frame. The compensation method is applied to the sensorless drives of an electric oil pump for automotive transmissions that require very low speed drives of pumps at a subzero oil temperature. The experimental results show improvements of low speed drive performance for an automotive electric oil pump with an electric power of 12 V 200 W.
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