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29권 11호 1011-1016 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 텐셔너 대용량 체크밸브 적용을 통한 타이밍 체인계 기능 개선
분야 엔진 및 연소
언어 Korean
저자 조경철(보그워너평택), 선영택(보그워너평택)
Key Words Timing chain system(타이밍 체인계), Hydraulic tensioner(유압식 텐셔너), Damping force(댐핑력), Vent disc(벤트 디스크), Check valve(체크 밸브), Variable displacement oil pump(가변 오일펌프), Pressure transducer(압력 센서), Linear variable differential transformer(변위 센서)
초록 The engine timing chain system uses a chain to transfer power from the engine crankshaft to the camshafts, and controls engine timing. Hydraulic tensioners are normally applied to ensure the proper operation of the chain system. Then, it is controlled by hydraulic forces by using engine oil and mechanical force from a spring. Recently, new technologies have been applied to the oil pump of the engine to improve fuel efficiency. The engine oil pump reduced the operating torque of the oil supply through reduced pump capacity, or the variable oil pressure control system was applied to ensure fuel efficiency. However, sometimes, it supplies low oil pressure and low flow rate to the hydraulic tensioner due to the large tensioner piston motion and increasing chain tension. Through this paper, we would like to explain the correlation between the tensioner check valve function and timing system performance. Furthermore, new tensioner check valve specifications will be introduced to improve timing chain system performance.
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