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29권 11호 1017-1023 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 군집주행 차선인지를 위한 슬라이딩 윈도우 보정
분야 전기ㆍ전자ㆍ통신
언어 Korean
저자 김태욱(국민대학교), 이현규(국민대학교), 김종찬(국민대학교)
Key Words Autonomous vehicle(자율 주행차), Platooning(군집주행), Lane detection(차선인지), Sliding window(슬라Autonomous vehicle(자율 주행차), Platooning(군집주행), Lane detection(차선인지), Sliding window(슬라이딩 윈도우), Scale truck(스케일 트럭)
초록 Considering fuel economy, the environment, and safety, research on truck platooning has been steadily progressing. The autonomous driving technology of platooning differs from general autonomous driving due to the nuances of driving. Platooning driving keeps a close distance of about 12.5 m while driving. At this time, a lane blocking phenomenon occurs when there is a truck in front. Furthermore, the dotted line section of the highway consists of a 12 m lane-free section, making it possible to acquire only fairly limited, actual lane data. Due to such limited data, errors may occur in the process of setting the sliding window position during the lane recognition process. In particular, more problems can arise in the curved section, leading to a degradation in lane detection accuracy. In this paper, we solved this problem through sliding window double correction, confirming an accuracy improvement of more than 10 %.
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