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29권 11호 1025-1032 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 자동차 시트 쿠션의 Hold Feeling 평가
분야 엔진 및 연소
언어 Korean
저자 류상철(공주대학교), 전용두(공주대학교)
Key Words Vehicle seat(자동차 시트), Hold feeling(지지감), Dynamic comfort(동적 안락감), Load shift(하중 이동), Comfort evaluation method(안락감 평가방법)
초록 As an approach to evaluate human comfort during driving conditions, an objective riding comfort evaluation measure is proposed. The related feeling due to vehicle motion associated with low-frequency roll and pitch motions is called ‘hold feeling’. We consider the degree of interference and the sense of unity between each part of a seated human body. The present approach is based on the dynamic pressure distribution measurements for a seated subject on a seesaw-type, roll motion simulator. According to the present experimental results for two selected commercial seats, a high-end seat( seat A) and a popular seat(seat B), the consistently higher temporal variation of segmental pressure ratio at the hip region is identified with seat B, which may negatively affect the level of comfort associated with higher SPD(seat pressure distribution) values. The proposed hold feeling evaluation method may be a good candidate as an objective measure to evaluate seat comfort in low-frequency, dynamic environments.
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