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29권 11호 1041-1051 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 승용차 인스트루먼트 패널 디자인에서 메타버스 개념의 적용 가능성 고찰
분야 차량 디자인
언어 Korean
저자 구상(홍익대학교)
Key Words Display panel(디스플레이패널), Instrument panel(인스트루먼트 패널), Theme layout(테마 레이아웃), Display cluster(디스플레이 클러스터), Overlapping(중첩성), Visual interface(시각 인터페이스), Control interface(조작인터페이스), Metaverse(메타버스), Interface layout(인터페이스 레이아웃)
초록 This study is aimed at finding implications for applying the Metaverse concept, which has escalated in recent days with the design changing factors in the instrument panel of passenger cars. This study observed the design characteristics of the passenger car instrument panel types of recent and dated models to deduct the concept of interface changing factors with digital display technologies equipped with virtual functions. In this study, implications were founded on the Metaverse concept interface for the instrument panel in the control panel by applying both physical touch panels and virtual touch interface applications with dual mode interface for both infotainment and HVAC systems. The design changes in the future interface of instrument panels with the Metaverse concept will consist of a dual mode control panel, which has both physical and virtual modes to reduce the total numbers of physical buttons on the instrument panel as enhanced safety and convenience features.
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