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29권 11호 1053-1059 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 가변저항과 열전대를 이용한 브레이크 패드 마모 및 디스크 온도 센서 개발
분야 기타
언어 Korean
저자 김만복(녹색에너지연구원), 유정주(목포대학교), 변경석(목포대학교)
Key Words Automotive disk brake(자동차 디스크 브레이크), Real-time monitoring(실시간 모니터링), Temperature sensor(온도센서), Wear sensor(마모 센서), Brake sensor(브레이크 센서)
초록 The brake system is essential for safe vehicle operation. Any malfunction or failure of the brake system can lead to serious accidents such as injuries or death of occupants. If the brake system can be monitored in real time, the monitoring system can notify the driver of dangerous situations such as excessive wear of the brake pads or overheating of the brake disc. Fatal accidents can be prevented by reducing the risk of brake system malfunction or failure. In this research, a sensor capable of measuring brake pad wear and disk temperature in real time is proposed. The sensor consists of variable resistance and a thermocouple. Through the experiments on the developed sensor, it is confirmed that the brake pad wear error is less than 0.1 mm and the brake disk temperature error is less than 10 oC.
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