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29권 11호 1061-1066 2021 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 연료의 안티 노크성 해석을 통한 듀얼 연료 분사 SI 엔진의 연비 향상
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언어 Korean
저자 원현우(아람코)
Key Words Dual fuel system engine(이중 연료 분사 엔진), Octane booster(옥탄 부스터), Octane number(옥탄가), Octane requirement(옥탄 요구치), Octane index(옥탄 인덱스), Straight-run gasoline(Straight-run 가솔린)
초록 It has been known that the octane number alone does not adequately describe the knocking behavior of a practical fuel in an engine. The auto-ignition or anti-knock quality of a practical fuel is defined by the octane index, where the octane numbers are the research octane number(RON) and motor octane number(MON), and K is a constant that depends only on the pressure and temperature variations in the engine. K value is important for understanding the octane appetite of the engine in order to improve the power and acceleration of the fuel anti-knock quality. Based on the findings of this study regarding the anti-knock quality, straight-run gasoline with low RON was combined with an octane booster in order to emit the octane requirement of the SI engine. The author emphasizes that the dual fueling system engine will provide the benefits of CO2 tank-to-wheel(TtW) and well-to-tank(WtT).
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