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30권 11호 889-899 2022 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 전동 모빌리티 차체 디자인을 위한 커튼월구조로부터의 시사점 고찰
분야 차량 디자인
언어 Korean
저자 구상(홍익대학교)
Key Words Curtain wall structure(커튼월구조), Separate structure(분리 구조), Electrified mobility(전동 모빌리티), Skateboard flatform(스케이트보드 플랫폼), Pair glasses(복층 유리), Light reflective louvers(광선 반사용 루버)
초록 The purpose of this study is to find the implications of body designs on electrified mobility systems by comparing the characteristics of curtain wall structures and structural differences in spaces and shapes. This study examined the structural characteristics of curtain wall structures and several recent electrified mobility concepts. In this study, the implications of an electrified mobility body design were inferred after analyzing curtain wall structures, such as paired glass panels and light reflecting glass louvers with asymmetrical body shapes, and the skateboard flat form. The aim of the electrified mobility design is to fulfill the independent need of each passenger, and it will be the most evident characteristic of a vehicle’s exterior and interior design, just like the requirements of curtain wall structures in both space concepts and light and temperature management.
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