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30권 11호 901-907 2022 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 차량 소프트웨어 통합을 위한 하이퍼바이저 인터럽트 지연 분석
분야 기타
언어 Korean
저자 오성빈(경남대학교), 김진호(경남대학교)
Key Words Virtualization(가상화), Automotive(자동차), E/E architecture(전기/전자 아키텍처), I/O latency(I/O 지연), Embedded hypervisor(임베디드 하이퍼바이저)
초록 The increasing number of automotive software and their corresponding complexity is testing the scalability of the current E/E architecture. A domain-oriented architecture based on multi-core processors can overcome this limitation by consolidating multiple Electronic Controller Units(ECUs) into a few Domain Controller Units(DCUs). According to the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard, the integrated system should ensure full separation between software components. Virtualization technology can isolate software and its faults to meet these requirements. Furthermore, it could solve the re-engineering and validation cost problem in multi-core system migration. However, since current virtualization technology has low real-time performance compared to a native system, it is challenging to apply a virtualization platform to an automotive embedded system, especially automotive real-time systems, which require overcoming hard, real time constraints of safety-critical system functions. In this paper, we will be measuring and evaluating the I/O latency of full and para-virtualized embedded systems. In our analysis, we will be using the ARM Cortex-A72 pi board, and implement the Xen and QEMU/KVM hypervisor. We will be showing the I/O latency time of each virtualization environment, and analyze the cause of the delay through experiments.
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