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30권 11호 909-916 2022 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 자동차검사제도 편익 산정에 관한 연구
분야 기타
언어 Korean
저자 박정수(서울시립대학교, 한국교통안전공단), 김도경(서울시립대학교), 김용달(한국교통안전공단), 한창평(상지대학교 )
Key Words Vehicle inspection(자동차검사), Periodical technical inspection(정기기술검사), Vehicle inspection effectiveness (자동차검사효과), Social benefit(사회적 편익), Bayes’ theorem(베이즈 정리)
초록 The benefits derived from the implementation of the vehicle inspection scheme can be divided into two: prevention of traffic accidents and improvement of air quality. In terms of preventing accidents, it is possible to estimate the number of potential casualties prevented by analyzing the fail for safety inspection directly related to accidents using Bayes’ theorem. The costs of medical loss, material damage, accident administration, PSG(pain, suffering and grief), congestion and insurance increase can also be estimated. In terms of improving air quality, the total amount of exhaust gas reduction that can be attributed to the inspection scheme can be evaluated by comparing the difference between before and after(failed and re-test) exhaust gas levels. Results show that in terms of safety benefits, 7,603 traffic accidents, 135 fatalities and 11,511 injuries were prevented. When it comes to the environment, reductions amounting to 9,632 tons of carbon monoxide(CO), 1,025 tons of hydrocarbons(HC), 917 tons of nitrogen oxides(NOx) and 2,652 tons of particulate mass(PM) were noted. The social benefits of the vehicle inspection scheme was estimated at 1.68 billion KRW annually.
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