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30권 11호 917-921 2022 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 전동화차량 구동모터 기반 차량 긴급 핸들링 보조 제어
분야 차량동역학 및 제어
언어 Korean
저자 박재일(현대자동차), 김승기(현대자동차), 황성욱(현대자동차), 이상호(현대자동차), 김상준(현대자동차), 유성훈(현대자동차), 김영은(현대자동차), 김우균(현대자동차)
Key Words Evasive handling assist(긴급 핸들링 보조), xEV motor control(전동화 차량 모터 제어), Evasive steering(긴급 조향), Forward collision avoidance assist(전방충돌보조), Vehicle agility control(차량 민첩성 제어), Vehicle stab control(차량 안정성 제어)
초록 The purpose of the study is to develop the Electrification - Evasive Handling Assis (E-EHA) control that helps avoid forward collision. The E-EHA control operates in situations when collision risk is detected through the environmental sensors of the vehicle. It detects the driver’s intention through information from the vehicle’s motion sensors such as steering wheel angle and steering wheel angle speed. It improves the agility and stability of the vehicle using xEV Motor driving and braking force so that it can maximize evasive handling performance in case of emergency. The deliberate control is designed on Matlab/Simulink. In an emergency collision scenario, the E-EHA is confirmed to have lateral avoidance effect in both simulation environment and actual vehicle test.
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