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31권 1호 11-18 2023 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 선박 중형 디젤 엔진으로부터 배출되는 온실가스 실측을 통한 국내 배출량 산정법에 따른 결과 비교에 관한 연구
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저자 박진규(목포해양대학교), 임승훈(목포해양대학교), 신명환(국립환경과학원), 이동인(국립환경과학원), 오정모(목포해양대학교)
Key Words Greenhouse gas(온실가스), Air pollution(대기오염), Portable emission measurement system(이동식배출가스측정장비), Vessel(선박), Emission factor(배출계수)
초록 Most cross-border trades are carried out by vessels, and a significant amount of greenhouse gas caused by international transport vessels is emitted into the atmosphere. So, the European Commission and the International Maritime Organization are enacting relevant regulations to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of vessels. CO2 in exhaust gas from a 9,196-ton vessel was measured by using PEMS, and calculated by using a domestic CO2 emission equation. Each of the alculated and measured results was compared to identify the accuracy of the current CO2 emission equation. As a result of the comparison, the calculated emissions were about 7.67 % lower than the measured values. Thus, it was suggested that calculation equations must be advanced through additional experiments.
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