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31권 1호 19-27 2023 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 주행 시간 및 에너지 소비 최소화를 위한 모델예측제어 기반 전기차 속도 및 충전 계획 알고리즘 연구
분야 전기동력자동차
언어 Korean
저자 김선우(인하대학교), 이원형(인하대학교), 김광기(인하대학교)
Key Words Eco-driving(경제주행), Electric vehicles(전기자동차), Speed planning(속도계획), Charging planning(충전계획), Optimal control(최적제어), Model predictive control(모델예측제어), Nonlinear programming(비선형계획법), Quadratic programming(이차계획법)
초록 This paper presents different methods of model predictive control(MPC) for optimal decision-making on EV charging and speed planning. The goal of high-level planning is to minimize trip time and energy consumption for which EV charging planning, i.e., knowing where it will be charged and how much charge it needs, is explicitly considered, as well as energy-efficient speed planning. We propose both non-convex and convex optimization problem formulations for MPC-based, high-level planning of vehicle speed and charging in a spatial domain. A problem in linear MPC is presented as
a convex quadratic programming approximation(i.e., convexified quadratic program) of the original nonlinear MPC. In the proposed linear MPC, the square of the vehicle speed is considered as a state variable, battery dynamics is simplified, and the powertrain constraint is convexified. To assess the conservatism of a convexified MPC problem and its solution, we will compare the performances of nonlinear and linear MPC solutions in a driving simulation of a Munich-Cologne trip (573 km) with four charging stations. The optimality of a linear MPC is shown as comparable to nonlinear counterparts, whereas its computation speed is one order of magnitude faster. This implies that the proposed linear MPC can be also used in short-term replanning, in which improved energy efficiency and increased reduction in trip time could be achieved in real driving conditions.
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