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31권 1호 43-49 2023 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 운행 전기자동차의 주행특성에 따른 배터리 셀 간 전압편차 분석
분야 전기동력자동차
언어 Korean
저자 이상현(계명대학교), 김우일(계명대학교), 한만배(계명대학교)
Key Words Electric vehicle(전기자동차), Battery(배터리), Cell voltage deviation(셀 전압편차), Cell balancing(셀 밸런싱), Driving mode(주행모드), State of charge(충전상태)
초록 In electric vehicles, voltage imbalance occurs little by little due to temperature deviation and aging between battery cells. Therefore, battery cell balancing is recognized as an important factor in prolonging the life of the electric vehicle. In this study, cell voltage deviations of commercial electric vehicles were analyzed according to the driving modes used by the chassis dynamometer. The three driving modes were ASM2525, UDDS, and US06 with 0 % and 5 % slope, and with a battery SOC range of 80 % to 20 %. As a result, the cell voltage deviation increases as the slope increases. Among the driving modes, the largest cell voltage deviation was observed in the US06 mode, which comprises of the highest acceleration, speed, and load. Furthermore, at an SOC less than 20 % for the US06, cell voltage deviation was observed as the most significant. This means that BMS should control cell balancing with more caution at high-speed driving and high-load driving regions where the SOC is quite low.
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