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31권 1호 51-60 2023 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 도시 에어 모빌리티(UAM) 동체 디자인을 위한 루이지 콜라니의 바이오 조형 고찰을 통한 시사점 연구
분야 차량 디자인
언어 Korean
저자 구상(홍익대학교)
Key Words Urban air mobility(도심 비행 모빌리티), Fuselage design(동체 디자인), Bio design(바이오 디자인), Biplane(복엽기), Annular wing(환형 날개)
초록 In the future, various types of Urban Air Mobility devices would be developed to fulfill the demands for rapid inter-city transportation. However, many recent unveiled UAMs are designed similarly to typical flying objects in terms of functional requirements, as in airplanes or drones. Meanwhile, the works of the designer Luigi Colani demonstrated creativity and novelty in the field of physiognomy and in the structures of airplane design, which have been considered mostly as emotional products, albeit their functional principles are in line with efficiency in organisms. In this study, both concepts and design characteristics of the works of Luigi Colani and recent Urban Air Mobility devices have been observed and analyzed based on their structures and physiognomies to derive implications for further UAM fuselage designs. The implications point to functional design concepts for UAM fuselage, such as streamlines derived from living organisms in nature, either as biplane structures or annular wings to maximize lift force.
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