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31권 1호 71-81 2023 [한국자동차공학회 논문집 ]

제목 찢김 에너지를 이용한 고무 부시 내구 수명 해석
분야 차체 및 구조 안전
언어 Korean
저자 최정훈(평화산업, 경북대학교), 이창원(평화산업), 차준호(평화산업), 전영식(평화산업), 김진재(경북대학교), 김영석(경북대학교)
Key Words Fatigue(피로), Rubber(고무), Tearing energy(찢김 에너지), Crack growth(크랙 성장), Finite element analysis(유한요소해석), Strain crystallization(변형 결정화)
초록 Rubber materials, which are widely used as anti-vibration products for vehicles, exhibit complex non-linear material behavior unlike general metal materials. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the fatigue life of rubber materials through finite element analysis(FEA), which is a virtual engineering technique. In particular, using the conventional SN diagram in fatigue life analysis, it is difficult to obtain reliable results because there are many variables affecting the level of the SN diagram. In this paper, fatigue life endurance analysis was performed using commercial software ABAQUS and FE-SAFE/RUBBER based on tear energy for rubber bushes for automobiles subjected to complex load conditions. Reliability was verified by comparing the results of the analysis with the test results. Also, in order to confirm the effect of strain crystallization on the durability of rubber bushings, the results obtained from the analysis and the test were compared.
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